Production Processes


The harvest begins around the second week of October, for one  approximately two months duration. The best time is with veraison, that is change  of color of the fruit that turns from green to purple. It is in this moment in fact that we have the  greater quantitative concentration of oil and phenolic substances that give qualities  organoleptic and nutritional.  It is carried out by hand (stripping) or with the help of combs electric (beating) in full respect of the fruit and plants. The olives  They are dropped onto nets placed on the ground under the tree tops.


After harvesting within twelve hours the olives are transported to the mill in boxes with holes for them the milling also called crushing. In the first phase defoliation and washing take place successive phases have the objective of preparing a paste in which the oily part can be separated, with relative ease, from the other parts making up the dough. This is’ the main operation, as well as perhaps the most important, between those that are performed and that determines the more or less profound rupture of the pulp cells that contain the substance that we will call Oil. Everything happens with mechanical cycle procedures continuous, without ever exceeding the temperature of 27 °. Once crushed, the olives they are sent to the kneader in the form of pasta. The mixture is then mixed or better “kneaded” for about 30 – 40 minutes, after which it is sent to the decanter for the oil separation from pomace. The activities that make up the harvesting and milling process are completed by day, to guarantee the highest quality of the oil produced.


The decanter, with two exits, separates the three phases that make up the pasta, namely oil, pomace and water, oil leaves the moist pomace on one side.


The natural decantation takes place in stainless steel silos sealed under nitrose prevent oil oxidation. The process takes two months and at the end it is possible to bottle.

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