Oil, Man and his Earth

Extra virgin olive oil is the result of centuries of symbiotic relationship between man and nature.

This relationship has deep roots in our family. Roots that make us look to the future with confidence.
It is the simple things that inspire our philosophy: the bond with the land and the passion for high quality local products. Each harvest and each olive tell the story of our family.

We value agriculture and Sicilian Cultivars to obtain an excellent extra virgin olive oil. Reliability, professionalism and respect for the territory distinguish us in all stages of production for a certified extra virgin olive oil, without preservatives and without alterations that an industrial product could undergo.

The Madonie: Unique Territory in Sicily

The mild climate of the area, the height above sea level and our land make our Madonie a unique environment for obtaining the best extra virgin olive oil.
Olio Cancila was born in Castelbuono in the heart of the Madonie natural park between the mountains and the sea in the province of Palermo. Olio Cancila was born as an oil for the family, good, healthy and genuine for your table.

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